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Spherosyn Unique Encoder Design Meets Installation Challenge on VTL

As the name of their website implies, GEDICO International Inc./ Dayton, Ohio, are specialists in large part machining. GEDICO will make or repair large parts. They al...

Replace Broken Glass Scales with DSG/DMG
Replace Broken Glass Scales with DSG/DMG
Replace Broken Glass Scales with DSG/DMG

Many shops will be will more willing to replace a single defective scale on an existing DRO vs. replacing the entire system, if that will get them up and running.

Newall's DSG and DMG linear scales offer the same benefits as Spherosyn and Microsyn, and come with the same 5 Year / 3 Year No Fault Warranty, as well as Lifetime Warranty on the scale. DSG and DMG are compatible with most competitive glass scale systems like Acu-Rite, Anilam, Sargon, Fagor, Mitutoyo, etc. Adapter cables are available for most competitive displays, making them "Plug and Play." DSG is available in travels up to 462".

Newall DSG and DMG linear encoders were specifically designed to be interfaced with competitive brands of DRO cabinets. Now you can replace your glass scales with Newall's reliable inductive encoders that withstand the most extreme conditions.

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