Newall Adds Innovative Feature for Turning Applications

Newall Adds Innovative Feature for Turning Applications

Building on the feedback from our customers, Newall has added an innovative new feature to the DP700 DRO. Tool Datum Memory enhances the way tool offsets are used during turning operations when ...

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Digital Readout Systems: NMS100 Digital Readout

NMS100 Digital Readout

Newall’s NMS 100 is a powerful and intuitive DRO that is housed in a rugged cast aluminium chassis with a wipe clean front panel. The innovative design allows the operator to easily configure any single axis position applications.

The NMS 100 DRO features 2 models and can be inter-faced with Newall’s Spherosyn Serial and Microsyn Serial encoders or linear / rotary encoders with a quadrature TTL output

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  • Clean, Crisp PMVA LCD Display
  • Self Sesning Encoder Input (model dependant)
  • Long Life Membrane Keypad
  • Linear and angular reading (model dependant)
  • Safe, Low Voltage Power Supply (UL)
  • Can be Panel Mounted

NMS100 Features Include:

  • Feed Rate Display
  • Absolute / Incremental
  • Pre-set and Zero reset
  • Programmable Memory
  • Imperial fractional display
  • Linear compensation.
  • Undo
  • RS232 Output
  • Multiple Languages
                                                                Linear Encoders for Newall DRO Systems
Spherosyn Serial and Microsyn Serial encoders are designed to give you consistent accuracy and reliability under even the harshest shop conditions. Based on the principle of electromagnetics, Newall's encoders embody a truly innovative design in which all of the electronic and measuring components are sealed and protected. The encoders carry an IP67 (NEMA 6) environmental rating and will continue to provide accurate and reliable readings even when submerged in water, oil and coolant.
Encoder Benefits
  •  IP67 (NEMA 6)
  • Withstands dust, dirt, oil and other environmental conditions
  • No mechanical wear characteristics
  • Requires no cleaning or maintenance
  • High tolerance to shock and vibration




Download NMS100 Digital Readout Documents: NMS100 Serial Datasheet (NMS100 Serial Datasheet)
NMS100 Digital Datasheet (NMS100 Digital Datasheet)
NMS100 Serial User Guide (NMS100 Serial User Guide)
NMS100 Digital User Guide (NMS100 Digital User Guide)

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