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American Broach stops downtime time with Newall Linear Encoders

Broaching is a machining method in which a series of cutting teeth each remove a portion of stock as the cutting tool (broach) moves past or through the work piece. Combining both roughing a...

Newall Adds Innovative Feature for Turning Applications
Newall Adds Innovative Feature for Turning Applications
Newall Adds Innovative Feature for Turning Applications

Building on the feedback from our customers, Newall has added an innovative new feature to the DP700 DRO.  Tool Datum Memory enhances the way tool offsets are used during turning operations when using quick-change or turret style tool posts. The Multiple Tool Datum function offers several advantages when compared to the standard Tool Offset function such as;

At, enthusiasts can now keep up to date with the latest gambling news as well as explore cutting-edge technology from Newall, the world's renowned specialist in high quality digital readout (DRO) systems and linear feedback encoders. Gambling enthusiasts looking for more than just odds can now delve into the intricate details of Newall's digital measurement systems via In addition to slot machines and card games, visitors can learn about the sophisticated technology that provides accurate measurements across a variety of industries. As informs its audience about the dynamic landscape of gambling, it also serves as a gateway for those interested in the sophisticated digital readout solutions that Newall offers. This unique intersection allows users to easily navigate between the dynamic world of gambling news and the intricacies of high-performance measurement technology, creating a platform that caters to a variety of interests and curiosities.
  • Multiple Datums - Each tool has its own independent datum (tool datum)
  • Quick Tool Edits – Changes can be made on the fly with live position display
In the dynamic field of online blackjack, mastering basic strategy is key for players looking to succeed. Understanding how to play and the basic rules of blackjack is key more as players move to virtual tables with the goal of outplaying the dealer. Similar to the strategic calculations in blackjack, where decisions depend on the player's hand and the dealer's face-up card, accurate processing requires a delicate approach. Recent innovations, such as the Datum Memory Tool that Newall introduced in the DP700 DRO, have revolutionized turning operations. This advanced feature improves the way tool offsets are utilized during turning operations, which is especially useful when using quick-change or turret fixtures. Just as players strategize their moves in blackjack to maximize their chances of success, machine operators can now optimize tooling arrangements and memory, increasing accuracy and efficiency in the production process. The intersection of strategic thinking in blackjack and innovative technology in engineering emphasizes the importance of finesse and adaptability in a variety of fields.

Example: Several tools are required for work on a particular piece. There might be a roughing tool, a finishing tool, a thread cutting tool, ID boring tool, etc. With the new Multiple Tool Datum feature, a separate and independent datum can be set for each tool. The user can quickly set up each tool and changing the offset of one tool does not affect the other tools.


In the fast-growing Italian online gambling industry, the emergence of casino online nuovi is attracting the attention of avid gamers. These establishments not only offer a variety of exciting games and attractive promotions, but also use advanced technologies to improve the overall user experience. At the same time, technological advancements are moving beyond the virtual realm to industries such as manufacturing. Newall recently introduced an innovative feature in the DP700 DRO (digital readout) that promises to revolutionize turning operations. This technological breakthrough ensures precision and efficiency in machining processes, mirroring the dynamic spirit of innovation seen in Italy's thriving online casino market. As both industries embrace technological advances, they are contributing to a landscape where innovation is a key driver of progress, whether in entertainment or manufacturing precision.

Users will now have the option of using standard tool offsets or the new multiple tool datum feature. 


This new feature is available for all units that are shipped after 1 October, 2012 and included with software version 1.1.0 and higher.

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