Newall Offers Unprecedented Warranty

Newall Offers Unprecedented Warranty

To demonstrate our confidence in the durability or our DRO systems, Newall proudly offers its products with the best warranty available. Five Year Warranty(1) In Estonia, where the inte...

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See how Mid-State Oilfield Machine solved their scale contamination problem
See how Mid-State Oilfield Machine solved their scale contamination problem
See how Mid-State Oilfield Machine solved their scale contamination problem

Mid-States Oilfield Machine was experiencing failure of digital readouts due to scale contamination and breakage. “Digital Readouts (DROs) that can withstand dirt and oil and the heavy machining required in oil field repair are essential,” said Brendon Meacham, Shop Manager,Mid-States Oilfield Machine, LLC in Oklahoma City, OK. Oilfield pump parts repair at Mid-States Oilfield Machine calls for the use of manual machines that can produce fast turnaround with high tolerance and repeatability.Many of the machines are large heavy duty boring mills or lathes that can machine large parts weighing up to several tons. The
use of DROs on these machines is critical to produce accurate parts and the DRO must be able to continue to work in a harsh environment.

“The failure of digital readouts due to scale contamination and breakage was unacceptable and we had to replace these DROs with digital readouts that would take the heavy duty workout we give them,” said Mr. Meacham. “We had heard of Newall’s Spherosyn and Microsyn inductive ball bearing technology that could withstand the rigors of tough, large component machining applications.” “Although we are considering the purchase of more CNC machines for making new parts, there will always be a need for manual machines in the oil patch,” said Mr. Meacham. “One example is that we sometimes need to put a weld in an internal bore and then finish machine the I.D. to a shoulder.We use the DRO prior to welding to measure the original shoulder depth, then after welding, machine the shoulder to that original dimension. This shows that repeatability is very important and a reliable DRO allows us to achieve this,” said Mr. Meacham.

Harold Hull, Hull Machine Tools, Inc. represents Newall Electronics’ digital readout line. He visited the shop to explain the Newall DROs and how they work. The Spherosyn and Microsyn linear feedback encoders are the key feature of Newall digital readouts. Designed to work exclusively with Newall’s DROs, the Spherosyn and Microsyn are designed with all of the electronics and measuring components sealed and protected. The encoders have an IP67 environmental rating and are designed to provide
accurate readings even when fully submersed in water, oil or coolant. Repeatability is within 1 resolution count with resolutions from 0.0005 inches to 00005 (50 millionths) inches. “Shock rating is 100g(11 ms) which exceedes other types of linear encoder technologies,” said John Semel, National Sales Manager, Newall Electronics.

The Spherosyn scale is often exposed to dirt and oil because of the parts machined.Due to the nature of the work performed at Mid-States Oilfield Machine, a DRO that can withstand dirt, oil and the rigors of machining large parts is essential. Mid-States has standardized its DROs to be all Newall on every manual machine in the shop. These machines include a 32-inch by 168-inch Ryazan Oil Country Lathe (Newall C80 DRO); Droop & Rein horizontal boring mill with 4-axis (Newall Topaz, two displays); Bullard vertical turret lathe (Newall C80 DRO); Eisen Knee Mill (Newall C80 DRO); King VTL 62-inch (Newall DP7 DRO); Collett HBM with 6-inch spindle, and scale travels of 144” longitudinal travel by 132” cross travel by 92” vertical travel (Newall C80 DRO). “We had a glass scale system on the King VTL with 62-inch swing, but it just did not hold up. We replaced it with a Newall. The Newall DRO holds up to just about anything,” said Mr. Meacham. On their Collett HBM, the  14-foot Newall Spherosyn scale was installed and after using a short period of time, was completely covered with dirt, grease and oil. Mr. Meacham explained that he would not consider any other DRO for this reason. “In one case we were working around the clock on a specific job and in the middle of the night someone backed a forklift into the end of the Droop and Rein boring mill where we were machining a part. The end of one of the Newall
scales was bent. We pulled the Newall scale off and put the scale up in the lathe and we were able to straighten it by using a rubber bead blow hammer. We were able to get it within .007 inches in about one hour. We were able to finish the job satisfactorily. We had the scale replaced later in the week, but that got us through the job and enabled us to deliver on time.” The 32-inch by 168-inch Ryazan is used for machining long shafts. The Newall DRO makes it possible to set up a taper attachment. With this combination Mid-States is able to produce shafts with tight tolerances.

The Droop & Rein 4-axis HBM combined with the Newall DRO provides accurate measurements for duplicating gear boxes. With this combination where there are a series of multiple big bores requiring extremely tight tolerances, the machine produces proper gear meshing. The Collett 4-axis HBM, 6-inch spindle, with scale travels of 144” longitudinal travel by 132” cross travel by 92” vertical travel, using a Newall C80 DRO, is used for locating bearing bores on various mud pumps weighing from 10 to 20
plus tons.

Mid-States currently performs turning, boring, milling and welding on most all major drilling rig components. The company repairs or manufactures shafts, housings, frames and all related oilfield equipment. The company was founded in 2005 by Bronco Drilling Co. to help facilitate the building, refurbishment and continued repair of the major components of Bronco’s drilling rig fleet. Mid-States has a Rockford Key Slotter which management is considering a Newall 4-axis DP900 system on. A rotary encoder will be installed for the rotary index table W axis of the DP9OO. “I recommend Newall DROs to other shops we talk to,” said Mr. Meacham.

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