Defining Accuracy, Resolution & Repeatability

Defining Accuracy, Resolution & Repeatability ACCURACY IS NOT a simple subject. It's not enough to say that a particular scale is "extremely accurate" or &...

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Machining Exotic Components No Problem for Spherosyn at Industrial Roller
Machining Exotic Components No Problem for Spherosyn at Industrial Roller
Machining Exotic Components No Problem for Spherosyn at Industrial Roller
For over 50 years, Industrial Roller has provided high quality, precision roller manufacturing and re-conditioning for the Plastic Film, Industrial Processing, Graphic Arts and Printing industries.
Industrial Roller manufactures new rolls, fabricated cores, and reprocesses used rollers.  They have over 50 years experience machining EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile (NBR or Buna N), Hypalon, Gum (Natural) Rubber, Silicone, Urethane, Fluoroelastomer, Thiokol, NBR/PVC, XBNR, SBR and proprietary compounds. Their machinists have to produce rollers with regular spacing, tapers, grooves or rules in these materials.
In order to increase productivity, maintain accuracy and provide the best product possible, Industrial Roller equipped all of their roll grinding lathes and engine lathes with digital readouts.  Due to the inherent nature of the roll grinding process, the compounds they work with create dust and residue that gets into everything - in spite of the dust collection systems they also added to the lathes.  As a result, they initially had to deal with contamination of the glass scale readout systems they used, which meant periodic down time and added expense in order to clean or replace the scales.
Eric Adlersfluegel, Plant Manager of Industrial Roller Co., stated:
“The folks at Accurate Measurement Systems introduced us to the Newall digital readout system, which uses Spherosyn technology, that is much more durable than glass and impervious to the environment associated with the roll grinding process.  The end result is a readout system that withstands the environment and eliminates the need to constantly clean/maintain the glass scales and the dial systems we used to use.”
“Newall also offers an unbeatable warranty of 5 years against manufacturer defects and a no nonsense, “No Fault” warranty for the first 3 years.  Not that it’s needed, but this adds greatly to peace of mind and it’s a testimony to the quality of the Newall product.”
“With 30 years in the rubber roll business, as we update and add to our capabilities in the future, it’s a sure thing that I will continue to use Newall digital readout systems,” Adlersfluegel said.

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