Newall Offers Unprecedented Warranty

Newall Offers Unprecedented Warranty

To demonstrate our confidence in the durability or our DRO systems, Newall proudly offers its products with the best warranty available. Five Year Warranty(1) In Estonia, where the inte...

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DP1200 - Not Just For Long Travel Machine Applications
DP1200 - Not Just For Long Travel Machine Applications

In an article from The Virtual Machine Shop by Ron Smith, he writes about the severe shortage of skilled machinists in the USA. Smith writes:” The machinists who became part of the program twenty-five years ago are now getting ready to retire. Some have called this the "graying of the machine shop work force" because the average age of a top quality machinist is 50+. As these machinists retire they will not only leave a void in the work force they will also leave a void in the mentoring pool, which is the real mainstay of on-the-job training.”

Mark Poropat , owner of St Clair Machine in Northern Florida has been a machinist and machine shop owner for many years. Like many of us, Mark’s eye site is not what it used to be. As we all age, we depend on bifocals, magnifying eye glasses (“cheaters,”) etc. to enhance our vision. Through the utilization of different magnification devices, Mark has been able to continue to be fully active in the operations of his machine shop, including machining parts. He decided to upgrade all the mills, lathes and grinders in the shop with Digital Readout (DRO) systems, and wanted to consider Newall as the recommended DRO for this purpose.

A few years ago, Newall simplified the DRO display cabinet selection process, by introducing the concept of having one digital readout display for smaller tool room size machines ( the DP700,) and a different, larger digital readout display for larger, long travel machines (the DP1200.) The idea being, the larger, longer travel machines require improved visibility of the DRO system’s numerical displays, so the DP1200 was created. The LED displays on the  Newall DP1200, are a full 60% larger than the industry standard LED displays found in other DRO’s.  Now in theory, with only two displays offered, the choice is easy. Instead of leaving the burden of what display feature set to select up to the customer, the idea now is “what type of machine is it for?”  For smaller, tool room size machines the DP700. For longer travel machines, the DP1200.

Newall Electronics’ concept of having one digital readout display cabinet for large machines has actually produced a side benefit for Mark. When deciding to upgrade his standard size knee mills, tool room lathes and surface grinders in the entire shop, he equipped all his machines with Newall DP1200 DRO systems. The larger than normal LED displays makes it easier for Mark to know his machine position at all times.  Mark is now better able to produce parts on his mills, lathes and grinders equipped with Newall DP1200s. Additionally, The Newall Spherosyn and Microsyn scales, which require no maintenance, makes it simple for Mark to keep his digital readout systems performing to their maximum capability.

To learn more about the DP1200 and its other unique, efficiency boosting features, please contact a Newall representative. 

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